Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Yep! A machine to detect ghosts have been invented by a Japanese company and is available in the US for $185. It purportedly works by beeping and flashing red lights in response to unusual magneticwaves. It comes attached to USB memory storage device, which holds data such as documents, digital photos and MP3 music files and plugsinto a a computer's USB port. It is recommended for spooky lat enights alone at your computer, and for those curious about finding out if their sudden chills represent a supernatural visitorcomputer's USB port. Its memory ranges from 128-512 megabytes.

Question is why would anybody need a MACHINE to detect ghosts???, when it is possible for most anybody to detect them? If they know what to look for, that is. Some of the signs of a haunting are so subtle that people will pass it off as just some odd, insignificant feeling. A lot of those signs are felt by a person's central nervous system.

For example, if you suddenly, 'for no apparent reason' get goosebumps, the hair on your arms are standing, yet you don't see anything....That ladies and gentlemen means a prescence is in the vicinity.

Most anybody can detect ghosts!

People only see what they expect or want to see. Often they do not see what is most obvious or what is THERE! Such is the case with ghost encounters. Ghosts can be anywhere but the signs that they are around are usually so subtle, people just brush them off. In my 50 years of research and interviews, I have generally concluded that a person's central nervous system can and do detect those signs. For example, if your heart starts beating fast 'for no apparent reason' when you're house-hunting, it can be a strong indication - apart from obvious heart problems -that a presence is in the vicinity! Your nervous is reacting and also giving you a warning that the house is unclean.

For more info, http://www.SpottingHauntedHouses.com/main/index.asp

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why do places become haunted?

How does a property become haunted? First I’ll explain the concept of death. Death is a negative activity as opposed to life, which is viewed as positive. A dead body is cold (negative) and a living body is warm (positive).

If natural death is negative, then a violent or sudden death is tremendously negative. The vicinity of the death becomes infused with powerful negative energy. If inside a house, this energy will eventually spread and engulf every nook and cranny.

A ghost, whether harmless or malevolent, is nothing more than a mass of negative energy. Is it so surprising then that it will feel comfortable only in an environment with an abundance of such energy? So is it surprising to find ghosts in places of violent deaths?

What are such places? Well, cemeteries would be obvious. Places where warefare had taken place. Of course, places of mass murder. And yes, hospitals – they are places which during my research have yielded a lot of ghost sightings.

You might think that a ‘clean’ house will not have ghosts residing inside. But say an occupant of the house is under a lot of stress - a negative activity – sooner or later, negative energy will exude from his body, in minute amounts in the beginning. This minute amount of negative energy will then spread, first in a small area. But if his stress continues, this negative energy coming from his body becomes stronger and spreads even more powerfully and forcefully. Then like death above, it will spread all over the house.

Just as fish love water, ghosts love this kind of environment! Is it then surprising that they will appear inside? But where do they come from? Hey, believe it or not, ghosts are verywhere! If your house is infused with enough negative energy, it is as easy as following you in through the front door!

There are many subtle signs of a presence of a ghost. For example, a sudden strong odor of flowers when there are none around is a strong indicator that a ghost is in the vicinity. Or if the house has cold spots - some places are very cold (negative energy) or even if the whole house is unusually cold.

But in my almost 50 years of research and interviews, the presence of a ghost will act first and foremost on your nervous system. Unfortunately some of the signs are so subtle most people will brush them off as something ‘normal’.

Except it’s not normal. It’s your nervous system warning you of a presence. Most people will not heed those signs. Can’t blame them really. They simply don’t know what the signs mean. For example, most of us have had goosebumps or the hairs on our arms have risen, inexplicably ‘for no apparent reason’. Well, what we did not realize is that we had just had an encounter with a presence!

I have compiled a list of over 60 things in an e-document you can use to check if a property is haunted. It is available at my website: